6:00 PM18:00

FEEL YOUR SELF // self love workshop

Join us for a juicy, unapologetic evening of SELF LOVE!!!

each person will have their own private altar of autoeroticism where we will practice complimenting ourselves, dancing in front of a mirror, exploring what makes us feel sexy, taking selfies and MORE!!

self-love does not limit our ability to love others, but amplifies it. the practice of celebrating oneself helps us shift our view of the world from a limiting, shame-based view to one of permission-giving, trusting, and honoring the organic impulses which arise within each of us.

shame is at the heart of many trauma-based mental health issues. when we grow in our ability to love and accept ourselves, we improve our mental and emotional well-being. not to mention the political implications of self-love: in a society which gains control over us by encouraging competition and consumerism, loving ourselves and each other is a radical act.

reclaim your dignity and join us for a night of JOY and PLEASURE.

• 6pm to 9pm at PetShop in Benson
• limited to 10 participants
• $30 per person

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